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October 16, 2016 Michelle Marus Acura, Lowrider, Photography 0 comments

I am excited to share some news with you – I have been selected as a Drive Tribe Leader. Do not be alarmed if you don’t know what that is. Drive Tribe is launching as we speak and is basically a large digital auto platform that car lovers can call home. The site is hosted by a pretty major trio: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

Being selected as a tribe leader grants me the opportunity to run my own channel alongside the trio, reflecting my widespread passion for the automotive industry. I will be publishing my own content with videos, blogs and photographs that is sure to please the viewer base. For my channel, I have chosen to showcase the diverse car scene we have in New York City on “the biggest digital stage motoring has ever seen.”

You can look forward to seeing, hearing and reading about the vast array of different cars you can see on a New York road on any given day. I recently set up a photoshoot featuring a low-rider, an NSX and a bagged Altima to demonstrate that exact theme. If you’re from New York, you know that just doing your daily commute each day can open your eyes to some nice modified cars and even some exotics. Sometimes a mere ride to a drive-through or burger joint can result in a walk-in with a McLaren P1. It’s happened and continues to happen because we have a deep enthusiasm for cars, and everyone is so different in terms of taste and desire. New York is not just a melting pot of faces, but a melting pot of cars.

As part of the Tribe Launch I need to submit my cover image and I wanted to ask your help in selecting the shot you guys think would be best for my channel cover. Check out the 5 pics below and submit your favorite. Stay tuned to see which picture is the winner as well as the official release of my Drive Tribe Channel.

Poll: Out of all the photos Chris has shot, which picture would be the best cover shot for this channel launch?

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