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October 20, 2015 Michelle Marus Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Porsche 2 comments

In this week’s blog, C3 got a chance to meet with Sergio of Ai Motorsports and shoot his current fleet at Sergio’s residence, which can be considered a dream collection to many.

Sergio tells us what the company means to him: “AiMotorsports is a style or vision for the cars I own. It stems from AiMediaGroup. We focus on extreme performance for our clients. The idea is that we take their current program and make it the best that it could be. The same principles are applied to AiMortorsports, taking the best from a manufacturer and making it better. In time, I would consider making AiMotorsSports into a mainstream business. The company purely defines my car collection. I make each car custom with its own individuality without going too far, which is the hardest part. Having restraint, yet making it a one-off is what makes us unique.”

The following Q&A explains Sergio’s passion for the auto industry and his advice for fellow enthusiasts:

1) Q: What would you say prompted your interest in cars? What or where did this passion stem from?
A: Ever since I was a little kid, I always played with Matchbox toys. I had this fascination with taking one that I beat up and pretending that I fixed it up, when in reality I just had an identical one. This was obviously when I was 5 or 6 years old. My parents said I used to get lost for hours playing with the Matchbox cars. Something back then triggered my love for cars.

2) Q: As enthusiasts, we have an appreciation for all types of cars from exotic to muscle. Which, however, would you say your favorite is?
A: I think from seeing what I have here, obviously the exotics. But, I still have my first car, the Trans Am, which I guess you could consider a muscle car. What I loved about it was just the fact that you could work on it – you can take the motor out, do the brakes and rebuild it. They’re amazing cars for what they were. They’re very analog; these are all digital. I appreciate them both, but if I had to drive one, it would definitely be one of the exotics.

3) Q: Have you found that your taste in cars or modifications has changed throughout the years? How so?
A: Well my taste in cars is really dependent on the bank account. Luckily that’s changed over the years. My modifications, however, have always remained the same. I like to take something, regardless if it was my first Trans Am, and turn it into something more. I am constantly looking to see what else you can do to it and what more you can change. Every single car that I’ve ever owned has been modified. The 918 is the first one that I have yet to do anything with, and I think it’s best to leave it alone. But I truly believe in making them all personalized and my own. The last thing I want is to have one of these cars run into something that’s the same. You want to put your touch on it and make it yours, which is what I try to do with all the cars.

4) Q: If you could own any car, what would it be and why?
A: I have the 918, which I’ve always wanted, but that’s relatively new. I guess you have to think more old school, like an old Porsche Spyder. That would be great, but I would want to do it as a restomod. So that’s something that’s on the horizon. Obviously, I’d love to have the hyper car trinity, the P1 and the La Ferrari. But you always have to have some lofty aspirations, right?!

5) Q: If you could say anything to the younger enthusiasts that are just entering the “car scene,” what would you tell them?
A: Never give up hoping and never give up your dreams. Like everyone else, I’ve always loved cars and always loved cars that were completely out of reach. Figure out how to make your wants a reality. Make a foundation and work hard, because it definitely pays off. You have to work your way up. It doesn’t mean that if you just work hard, you will get there. But it’s guaranteed that if you don’t work hard, you wont’t get there.

6) Q: Any last words to our readers?
A: I have to say I love everything about cars, from being able to change them to sharing them with people and just getting away. After all that hard work, it’s nice to get in your car early on a Sunday morning and just take a nice drive. Just cruise.

Sergio also tells us he has 4 more cars coming into his garage, so stay tuned for C3’s next shoot of his new rides, in the mean time lose yourself in what many, myself included would call a dream car collection.




















Don’t forget to follow Sergio on his Instagram as he might give you hints of whats coming next into his Garage.
Instagram: @AiMotorsports


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