In this week’s blog, C3 got a chance to meet with Sergio of Ai Motorsports and shoot his current fleet at Sergio's residence, which can be considered a dream collection to many. Sergio tells us what the company means to him: “AiMotorsports is a style or vision for the cars I own. It stems from AiMediaGroup. We focus on extreme performance for our clients. The idea is that we take their current program and make it the best that it could be. The same principles are applied to AiMortorsports, taking the best from a manufacturer and making it better. In time, I would consider making AiMotorsSports into a mainstream business. The company purely defines my car collection. I make each car custom with its own individuality without going too far, which is the hardest part. Having restraint, yet making it a one-off is what makes us unique.” The following Q&A explains Sergio’s passion for the auto industry and his advice for fellow enthusiasts: (more…)
A classic and spectacular car such as the Porsche cannot just be photographed anywhere, especially the 991 GT3. That is why C3 scoured the depths of New Jersey to find a dimly lit and mysterious location to photograph the beast. C3 lit up the deserted area where he worked his magic to capture these incredible images. In PTS Carmine Red, this 991 GT3 sits beautifully on gloss black HRE 21-inch P106 wheels. The P106 is a split-six spoke design with a six lug bolt pattern that is both geometrically stunning and incredibly lightweight. Paired with factory red anodized centerlocks and additional GMG performance bits, this Porsche is sure to stand out anywhere. Peep C3's photography and tease your senses with the tantalizing image that is the 991 GT3.