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October 26, 2015 Michelle Marus Cadillac, Maserati 2 comments

This week C3 met up with Wayne of PCNY, whom he’d met during the 2014 GoldRush Rally. Wayne brought out two of PCNY’s toys: a 2015 Escalade Black Edition and their newest addition, a 2015 Maserati Ghibli.

We got a chance to speak with Wayne while shooting these two beasts and learn more about what PCNY represents. PCNY is taking over the concierge industry, one service at a time. They cover everything from land, air and sea transportation to party planning. Their mission is to accommodate their clients in the best way they can. “My brother and I are partners. We have always loved helping people and felt that getting into this business was a good way to meet people personally, as well as build a bridge to other things,” explains Wayne of PCNY. “The goal is to take your talents and make money with it.”

PCNY is constantly expanding and currently manages a number of artists. The company is also becoming more involved with the real estate industry. “Through meeting people, it becomes possible to build other things,” says Wayne. He recently started his own car rally and looks forward to seeing it flourish before his eyes in the coming years.

Apart from being a successful company, PCNY has become a lifestyle. “The people that we brought into the circle are great, honest and young entrepreneurs,” Wayne adds. People who did not know each other now believe in PCNY’s circle and do business with one another. “We are happy to see other people networking because of us and helping each other,” he says. “The trust is there because of PCNY.”

In addition to providing exemplary services to their clients, PCNY is heavily involved with charity work. “I have been able to do a wide range of charity events,” says Wayne. “I made them fun and now guys who never gave to charity love it. We have had events where we brought cars to the city and hand delivered gifts to children in bad neighborhoods. Charity is truly my favorite part of the business.” PCNY plans to do the turkey drive next month and continue making their list of charitable endeavors longer, as well as involve more people.

In a short interview, PCNY revealed the following about their company and what’s to come:

1) Q: Which of the services that you offer would you say are your most popular?
A: Our most popular service is definitely transportation. We are transportation masters. We do it all from air to ground and sea travel for personal and business purposes.

2) Q: What sets you apart from other companies that work in the same field?
A: The personal touch that we provide and the relationships that we have with people separate us from others. We go above and beyond to satisfy our customers. We don’t advertise, so referrals are a big part of the business.

3) Q: What are your professional goals for the company in the near future? Distant future?
A: We just bought a jet for our 5th anniversary. Instead of just celebrating, we are reinvesting in ourselves. Our goals are to keep doing what we are doing and continue growing.

4) Q: What is the most rewarding aspect about owning a business in such a versatile and evolving industry?
A: The rewarding aspect is the wide array of opportunities available. We just had a meeting with an artist to set up galleries. There are so many different deals that we have been able to do and it’s amazing.

Make sure to follow PCNY on their Instagram page for updates, promotions and any extra surprises.

Now feast your eyes on the images captured by C3.






  • You know you made it when Michelle Marus interviews you, it does not get any better then that. After this great read I will check them out that is for sure.

    Micah November 10, 2015 Reply
  • II had a reservation with another company they contacted me a day before my reservation and Made me aware they Double Booked they Rolls Royce. I Message PCNY off Instagram I needed Rolls Royce Ghost for a special event. I gave him on 24 hours notice and Wayne made it happen for me which is unheard of. . PCNY is the best conceige in New York!! Very professional and Friendly!!!

    David Watson November 15, 2015 Reply

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