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November 23, 2015 Michelle Marus Mercedes Benz 1 comment

C3 Photography met up with Matthew Wolynski, owner of PHENOMenal Vinyl, to shoot a 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS GT. Wrapped in APA Matte blue chrome, this beast can not only be heard from a mile away, but seen as well. The photoshoot was essentially the first shoot done of this vehicle outside of the shop itself. Shot on one of the windiest, coldest days of the season, the GT kept its surroundings warm with its good looks and in-your-face wrap job. Peep the photos below and you too will feel the heat that exudes from this beast.

PHENOMenal Vinyl offers a complete array of services for your vehicle, including paint protection film, window tinting, custom car wrapping, powdercoating, detailing and auto body work. Matt, a car enthusiast at heart, started working in the auto industry right from his very own driveway. With passion, hard work and dedication, he progressed to where he is today and looks forward to see what the future has in store.

1. Q: What initial events or people inspired you to open your own automotive shop?
A: My friends inspired my true interest in cars throughout the years. We started talking about wrapping on one of the forums, and I was excited to get my hands on it. I spoke with Art at DBX “Diamond Black Exteriors” about a few of my first questions. Regardless of how annoying I thought they seemed, he answered all of them. I wanted to create a profitable wrap shop doing only paint wraps, which was very similar to what he was doing in Los Angeles.

2. Q: How do you stay relevant in such an evolving and competitive industry?
A: You never get comfortable or cocky. There will always be someone better; but as long as you push yourself to try new things and think outside the box, it will open more doors. You need to be on top for new colors and fresh new designs, as well as be open to new ideas. As long as you keep an open mind and grow with the industry, you will always come up with new ideas.

3. Q: What kind of charity or volunteer work is your shop involved with? (Past, current or future)
A: We have donated time and money to a few organizations over the years. We’ve done it all from the yearly Toys 4 Tots run to our yearly events with Impressive Autobody and EndlessShine Detailing at Pocono Raceway for Breast Cancer. This past year we sponsored Eva Casale for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and wrapped her Vans for her 150-mile race. For more info, please visit

4. Q: Assuming that wraps are your most popular service, were there any jobs that you fulfilled that stood out to you the most?
A: Wraps are our main source of income and our main focus. I would have to say that every wrap really stands out to us. That’s what makes us different; we care about it being perfect. When you stand by your name and try to represent it, everything matters. I have had a few jobs that were harder than most. I would say the Custom Camo G63 we did was pretty crazy. That job really tested our limits on time, precision and overall execution. The entire project was hand cut, utilizing Knifelesstape. It was literally a one-off piece of art.

5: Q: As an entrepreneur, what is one major challenge and rewarding aspect about business ownership?
A: The best feeling is coming in early in the morning before anyone is there. The shop is quiet and just filled with cars. As I look around and turn on the lights, I realize, “Wow, this is all from our hard work.” When you’re working until 1-2am, it’s tough to go back at 8am the following day, but you realize that this is for your success; it’s for your future. When doing the simplest thing like going to get gas, I run into people who know me and know my cars. I love when people say, “Wait, that’s not paint?!” and then you hand them a card. It’s a nice feeling when people know your business before they even know who you are. We have established a brand; we are Phenomenal.

6. Q: Looking ahead, where do you see Phenomenal Vinyl in the next couple of years?
A: I couldn’t even tell you. Three years ago after Hurricane Sandy, I had nothing. We were working out of a one bay section in Real Auto Dynamics. Six months later, I opened a 2500-square foot shop. Six months ago, we moved into this 7300-square foot shop. I would say we have exceeded my expectations a bit. We dream big, so we may open another shop or two. That would be nice!

7. Q: What has been your favorite wrap to date and why?
A: If I had to choose my favorite wrap it would be the Red Chrome SLS or this new Matte Blue Chrome we just did on the same customer’s newer car. The design and color really stand out, the installation is visibly flawless, and anyone age 1-99 loves it and truly appreciates the quality. All of those reasons combined truly make this wrap special.

8. Q: Any last words?
A: Of course ! I want to give a huge shoutout to the entire Phenomenal Vinyl team ! Couldn’t have done this without you guys !

Be sure to check out the Phenomenal Vinyl site to see their projects and also their Instagram for constant updates.









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