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November 09, 2015 Michelle Marus Audi 1 comment

With the holiday season right around the corner, C3 decided to meet up with John, owner of Xtreme Hobbies on Long Island, to shoot his beautiful 2011 Brilliant Red Audi R8. The photoshoot was held on a cool and foggy autumn evening with the unmistakable NYC skyline in the background.

John disclosed that his v10 beast is stock for now, but he is looking to mod it over the winter. Future modifications may include coilovers, new wheels and a custom exhaust, among other things.

His company, Xtreme Hobbies, is a one-stop shop for all your hobby needs. The shop features parts and equipment for R/C planes, helicopters, trains and cars. The knowledgeable staff offers trusted advice and custom work for all their customers. Customized work includes airbrushing, graphics, suspension tuning and motor work for all their products.

In a brief interview, we asked John some further questions regarding Xtreme Hobbies:

1) Q: What prompted you to start a hobby shop? What were some of your hobbies growing up?
A: My family has always been into flying R/c airplanes. I raced R/C cars around the country. I got into the hobby at a young age, and I worked at another hobby shop. From there, I gained a lot of connections and opened my own.

2) Q: Which product would you say is the most popular among your customers?
A: Well, it’s seasonal. In the spring and summertime, it’s R/C nitro cars and electric cars. In the wintertime, it’s Lionel trains.

3) Q: What are some events or charity work that the shop either hosts or attends?
A: We’re in Deer Park, so we do a local charity with the church by us. We also do Toys for Tots every Christmas season.

4) Q: How does your shop stay relevant and on top among competitors and online companies?
A: We are also an online company, but we are also one of the first shops to get the new products when they come out. We push them and do custom work on them. So we essentially can do whatever you want.

5) Q: What does Xtreme Hobbies have in store for the future? What can you tell us about what’s up and coming?
A: For the future, we hope to expand and get bigger. We may also get a second or third location and keep growing from there.

Be sure to check out XtremeHobbies’ website and their Instagram. Lots of toys in store this holiday season for all ages and all kinds of fun !

Now enjoy these images by none other than C3.







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