Central Park Engagement

When you grow up with a younger sister, you never really expect to be the one to photograph her engagement session. Well this was the case for me.

Lets just say this was a way for me to make up for the pictures I took of her for her sweet 16. I didn’t even have a professional camera when I took her pics back then (face palm).
Fast forward a little over 10 years, I now have 2 professional cameras plus my sister found her prince charming.

At first she wasn’t sure where to do her pictures and I suggested Central park due to vast amount of locations to shoot plus it was also cherry blossom week. We were worried about the amount of people that might be there as New York City is opening up little by little. Long story short we were able to find some great spots and I was able to do my photoshop magic and make some ppl in the background disappear.

I present you my Sister Denise and her Fiancé Cristian. 


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