Halloween in NYC | Lowrider Style

November 03, 2015 Cris Guamanzara Lowrider 0 comments

This past Halloween weekend, I got a call from a local shop in the area that specializes in custom Lowriders. They asked me to come out and take some shots in the city. Shooting a Lowrider has been a long time wish for me, as I love the Lowrider scene. Without hesitation I grabbed my gear and headed out to take some shots in the city that never sleeps, NYC !

We ended up in Times Square and the amount of spectators was immense. Dozens of ppl were taking selfies with the Lowriders behind them, it was great to see people enjoying the cars.

In the midst of it all, I pulled out my camera and started snapping away.

Hope you guys enjoy the pics and if you are reading this and have a Lowrider, let me know I’d love to shoot it.








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