This Challenger gives you RedEye

October 21, 2020 Cris Guamanzara cars, Photography 0 comments

How’s it going C3 Fans , 

So switching it up just a bit from the engagements and weddings I’ve been shooting and posting; I’ve also been shooting some dope Cars lately. 

My guy Jon over at Anrky wheels asked me to shoot a dope Redeye Widebody Challenger and I started scouting locations and came across the perfect spot.

I connected with Joe the owner of the Challenger and we decided on date and time to shoot his car. We actually shot it twice – we did a day time shoot and decided to also do a night time shoot because the location was perfect for this car to shoot at day and night. During the shoot Joe was telling me a little bit about his story as to why he picked this car. Joe has been a huge car enthusiast for years – here is Joe’s story:

Being a car enthusiast, I would never be satisfied with any one car longer than a few years. But then Dodge released the Redeye Widebody – I knew I had to get my hands on one. 

Reason being in 2018 Dodge came out with the fastest factory 840hp car ever produced in the US which was a one – year run. Unfortunately the Demon was sold out in record time and the pricing was from $150k to $250k. 

In 2019 Dodge released the Redeye in which they placed the same engine transmission and rear end from the Demon at $90k with no mark up. I jumped on it. 

But as I stated before since I change cars every three years, it was time for a small change to the Redeye which lead me to put a set of 20 Inch Anrky Retro RS5’s on it and I couldn’t be happier. 

– Joe

Enjoy the pics ! 


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